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Extend Fitness Studio offers a variety of classes to challenge your pole and aerial journey. Please see our descriptions below, and if you have any questions, please contact us at You can also visit our FAQ page for more info.

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All the fun and sass of dance while building upper body + core strength, and stamina through pole choreography. You will learn static spins, transitions, and basic tricks. No previous training, classes, or dance experience necessary before attending this class. If you have questions or concerns about starting your pole journey, please contact the studio or reach out on Facebook or Instagram.


All the fun and sass of dance while building upper body + core strength, and stamina through choreography on a rotating pole. You will learn spins, transitions, and basic tricks while staying upright–no inverting. At least one beginner pole class is recommended, but not required prior to attending this class.


Not a dancer? No problem! This class focuses on learning tricks and transitions without dance choreography. Come to this class for an introduction to climbing, inverting, and aerial tricks! You will work on building your strength with conditioning exercises and practicing moves and techniques necessary to level up to more complex pole tricks. This class is ideal for beginners to learn, and intermediate students to polish their basic move repertoire. Beginner students must be comfortable with basic pole spins and transitions prior to attending this class. This class is not recommended for first-time students. Skin exposure is required to safely perform tricks in this class– please bring shorts and a tank top.


Ready to take flight into the world of circus and sexy? Welcome to Lyra, also known as aerial hoop. Lyra is a metal aerial apparatus that resembles a hula hoop suspended from the ceiling. In this class you will learn the fundamental basic poses, mounts and conditioning exercises to build strength. No prerequisites are required for this class. Students of all strengths and skill sets are welcome! More advanced students are welcome to attend to perfect the basics.


This class is for ALL levels of heels dancers! Learn, practice, and perfect foundational movements, new tricks, and body technique to create your indivudal flow and style. In this class we will cycle through all aspects of pole in heels including static and spin pole, floorwork, basework, spins, dynamic tricks, climbs, and aerial tricks with proper heeled form. With detailed technique instruction, practice of new tricks and guided freestyle dances, you can perfect your heels style and level up your choreography.



Comfortable in beginner, but not sure how to step into intermediate? In this class, you will advance your acquired strength and endurance built up in beginner classes, and venture into more inverted tricks and transitions while increasing your body awareness. You will learn basic inverts, introduction to dynamic moves, shoulder mounts, aerial inverts, and one-handed spins, incorporate strength and flexibility tricks, and learn spins-to-inverts, various grips, and alternative pole climbs. Must be comfortable with a basic pole climb, pole sit, and jasmine.


Have a ball as you slink, slide, and spin in this heels choreography class! You will work on incorporating spins, floor balances, front/back rolls, flexibility moves, and dynamic pole transitions into a fun routine. Open to all levels, at least one beginner pole or heels class is recommended prior to attending this class.


This class combines everything learned in spin and static pole to explore more complex tricks and transitions. We will work on strengthening your ability to create more complicated combinations while increasing strength, body awareness, and flexibility. You will learn intermediate strength and flexibility tricks and transitions, introductions to aerial shoulder mounts, handsprings, and two-points-of-contact tricks. Must be comfortable with aerial inverts, leg hangs, and being inverted on spin pole.


For more experienced aerialists. This class will focus on more advanced and dynamic skills like spins, rolls, drops, beats, performance techniques and more. Please talk to your Instructor before leveling up from beginner Lyra. To attend this class you must be able to do a controlled straddle, pullover and pike mount as well as feel comfortable with top bar moves and spinning.



Anything goes!– if you feel like leveling up, then this is the class for you. You will learn advanced flexibility and strength moves on both static and spin poles, dynamic pole spins, tricks, transitions, and release moves. Must be comfortable with aerial shoulder mounts, and intermediate tricks and transitions on both static and spin pole.



Just starting your pole journey? Need a little extra help perfecting tricks and transitions? Preparing for competition? EFS instructors are available outside of class hours to offer one-on-one coaching for choreography consultations, technique training, flexibility coaching, and more.


This time is reserved for self-training on any apparatus (pole, hoop, silks, or flexibility and conditioning)– there is an instructor present, but no class will be taught. Open to all levels. Do not reserve if this is your first visit.

Flexy + Conditioning


This is a stretching and conditioning class designed to increase flexibility while decreasing risk for injury from aerial training. You will stretch and condition your body to significantly increase flexibility in the lower body (hips) and upper body (back, chest, shoulders) for better execute aerial tricks and increase fluidity. You will need a yoga mat, instructors may also utilize yoga blocks and straps during this class. Can’t touch your toes? No problem. There is no prior training or classes needed before attending this class. Be sure to inform your instructor of any existing injuries prior to class.


For the super bendy who want to take their flexibility to the next level. This class is designed for deeper and more advanced stretching– focusing on passive and active flexibility while incorporating various balances (forearm stands, chin stands, needle scales, and oversplits). Students should be able to perform a comfortable wheel pose and have a 180 degree split before attending this class.


Get fit with a 30 minute low impact cardio/conditioning class! This class incorporates 4 rounds of exercises plus some stretching at the end to prevent soreness and keep your muscles happy!