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Studio Policies


All classes have a three student minimum– please sign up on the MindBody app  (you can search for 'Extend Fitness Studio' once downloaded) at least 6 hours prior to class start time to ensure that your favorite classes don’t get canceled due to attendance. 


Minimum age to attend classes is 18. Students between the ages of 15-17 are allowed in select classes and must have a parent or guardian present.


All new students must sign a LIABILITY WAIVER prior to participating in classes, private lessons, training rooms, or a private event. 


Registration and payment must be paid prior to attending class.


If this is your first time visiting EFS and you wish to sign up for an advanced class, we recommend that you contact the studio for a quick discussion/evaluation of your skills set. The evaluation will ensure that you can safely conduct tricks and transitions taught in our advanced level classes. 


We love last minute walk-ins, but if you know you are planning to attend class, please reserve your spot online. Spaces are limited and we do not guarantee spots for walk-ins. 




Group fitness classes must be booked and cancelled using the MindBody app. Individual classes, and class packs are available for purchase. Once a purchase is made, NO refunds will be given. Passes and memberships are not transferrable.



To ensure we meet the minimum number of students for each class you must cancel at least six (6) hours prior to the start of class. Cancelling less than 6 hours before or failing to attend class without cancelling will result in the loss of a pass. Those who excessively late cancel or no show (4 or more times in a 30 day period) will be assessed a $10 fee for all subsequent late cancellations/no shows, evaluated on a case by case basis. Fees will be charged on a weekly basis. In the event that EFS must cancel a class, students will be notified at least 2 hours in advance via email. Passes will not be deducted from pass holders and no fees will be charged.



Although all of our instructors are highly skilled, we understand that you may want to learn from a specific instructor. In the case where a substitute teacher is announced less than 24 hours prior to class, you may contact EFS to schedule another class with that instructor within 2 weeks at no additional charge.




If classes are full, you can sign up to be on the waitlist. If a spot opens up, you will receive an automatic email letting you know you have been added into the class from the waitlist. Please note that if you are added into the class, you will be held to the same cancellation policy as any other class you sign up for. 


If you are not sure you will be able to make it with short notice, please remove yourself from the waitlist to avoid being charged for the class.




Once a purchase is made NO refunds will be given.



Clients can purchase a 30 day extension for passes that expired within the last 30 days. The fee for extending a pass is $10 per pass. Pass extensions are good for 30 days from the date of re-issue and cannot be re-issued again.



To ensure our instructors are compensated for the time and effort they put into preparing for private lessons we require clients/members to cancel 14+ days in advance in order to receive a full refund. Cancellations that occur within 7-13 days will be refunded at 50%. No refunds will be given if the lesson is cancelled within 7 days. Private lessons may be rescheduled based on the instructor’s availability.



Extend Fitness Studio partners with outside instructors to host special classes and events. Passes purchased for these classes/events are non refundable and non-transferrable unless cancelled by Extend Fitness Studio. No exceptions will be made to this policy.



Private events or classes are non-refundable. They are non-transferrable unless paid in full at the time of scheduling.




Do not apply lotion to your hands or body the day of your class and remove all jewelry on hands and wrists prior to class. Rings, bracelets, and watches scratch the pole surface. Please leave these items at home as EFS is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Be mindful of personal hygiene including body odor and excessive perfume. 


Pole: Please wear shorts for all pole classes– pole shorts must be opaque and a fitted style is recommended. You may bring or wear yoga pants for stretching and warm up. As you progress through the levels, you will find that many of the advanced moves require more skin exposure for pole contact. As always, wear what you are comfortable in while remaining conscious of safety. 


Heels: Heels or socks that cover the entire foot are required for floorwork and heels classes. Heels must be platform style and have a strap around the ankle for balance and safety. Check out these examples


Lyra, silks: Yoga pants or shorts + leg warmers are required in all Lyra hoop classes– the back of the knees must be covered.




Students must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the studio. 


For safety, students must comply with teacher instructions. 

Students who miss the warm-up may only stay at the discretion of the instructor. Please be punctual and warm-up properly for your own safety.


Experimenting with moves that are not being taught in class is not allowed– for help with specific moves, please talk to your instructor outside of the scheduled class time. 


Although we love peer-to-peer support, students must refrain from “teaching over the teacher” to other students. Students assisting or spotting each other is at the discretion of the instructor. 


Students must keep the working area around the apparatuses clear of personal belongings or other items that may cause harm to themselves or others.


We allow our students to record videos of their combos and tricks in class. 



Please visit our FAQ page, or shoot us an email at

This page does not reflect policies for our virtual platform. Please contact with questions.

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